Anger – Find Out More

What is anger?

Although the reaction of our bodies is the same in that we all release adrenalin which makes our heart beat faster, our breathing quicker and us sweat more, the way we express it differs from person to person.

Some people use verbal expression including shouting, becoming aggressive, involving swearing, threats or name-calling. Others will react violently and lash out physically, hitting other people, pushing them or breaking things. Some go to the opposite extreme and seem unemotional. They internalise their anger and may turn it against themselves with self harm, drugs or alcohol addiction. They can be very angry on the inside but feel unable to let it out in fear of becoming uncontrollable or hurting others.

Reports show that anger problems are as common as depression and anxiety, but people don’t often see it as a problem, or don’t realise there are ways to tackle it.

Mental health

Stress can have a domino effect on our lives. When stress becomes so severe that it causes physical health conditions it also affects our mental and emotional states. When a person is physically and mentally exhausted through stress they can become irritable and angry as they struggle to cope. This irritability and anger may affect relationships, family and work. People often attempt to relieve feelings of stress by overeating, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking – all of which will exacerbate poor physical health and can lead to other mental health issues such as self-harm, body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.


These can be many and varied but often include:

  • Actual or perceived threats or insults to ourselves or people close to us
  • Unreasonable or inconsiderate actions of others
  • Being treated unfairly
  • Inability to achieve results – in particular when others seem to stand in the way
  • Others going against our values or beliefs
  • Verbal or physical assault

How we help

Rather than offering “coping mechanisms” we get to the underlying cause of the emotion which enables the sufferer to adopt a different mindset so that things that previous bothered them no longer do so.

If anger is making yours or a loved-one’s life a misery, contact us to find out more about how we can help.  to find out more information of what we do to find out how you can book onto a change programme

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