BOO! When was the last time you jumped out of your skin?

A crashing plate? Bumping into someone?  Did a car horn catch you off guard or did someone just take you by surprise? We’ve all experienced it at some point, along with the adrenaline rush and increased heart-rate that goes with it.

But the reality is that while the majority of us will get over something like this within moments, some shocks are much harder to get over.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a complicated stress-related anxiety condition which is caused by past experiences of events that are particularly distressing, frightening or stressful.

First documented after the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC, the condition has had many names over the years – most famously as “shell shock” in the First World War and since then, cases of PTSD have been on the rise, recently being described as an epidemic.

Talking2Minds is a charity dedicated to helping those with PTSD and other severe stress-related conditions and, despite already helping more than 700 people overcome the condition, it still has over 600 sufferers on the waiting list, desperate for help.

And so, to help them to get the help they need, we’ve launched our #JumpOutChallenge.

Based around the idea of a “shock”, we’re calling on our supporters and members of the public to get involved on social media by videoing themselves giving a friend, family member, or colleague a quick shock by “jumping-out” at them, before pledging a donation and tagging a friend to do the same.

Whether it’s from behind a door, out of a box, or crouched next to a bush, we want you to join in the campaign by videoing yourself jumping out and giving someone a surprise before sharing it online and making a small donation to the cause.

PTSD is a hidden illness that most often surfaces years after the traumatic event that caused it and can destroy the lives of those suffering from it. Our aim is to increase awareness of this condition, and to raise £1million to fund the treatment of those that are currently having to battle the condition on their own.

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