About Us

Our missionHelping you to pick up the pieces to become informed, included and involved
Talking 2 Minds was established with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from PTSD or other severe stress related conditions.

We aim to help as many people as possible and offer FREE Paradigm Therapeutic Programmes™ to those most in need within the UK.

We use our unique approach to address the unwanted negative responses that form a part of clients thought process and current lifestyle. Once these negative responses have been addressed, the person rediscovers their freedom to make informed choices, enabling them to create positive change within their lives.

Our definition of success is when a person recognises that their symptoms have been positively addressed and they feel truly at ease with themselves. In other words, by supporting clients on a one to one basis, they are in a position to take control of their own lives for the benefit of themselves and those closest to them.

Talking 2 Minds was established by people who have experienced Severe Trauma Related Conditions or PTSD first hand and been through the Talking 2 Minds therapeutic process themselves.

Because all our team have personal experience of PTSD and other severe stress related conditions, they have a unique understanding of what the clients may be experiencing and the ‘Veteran helping Veterans’ ethos means all practitioners are able to create a strong rapport with them.

Only those who have been through PTSD know the true effects and the potential to completely destroy a life. Not only have our consultants been through PTSD, but they have also created a positive and bright future for themselves through engaging in the Talking 2 Minds process.

“To be able help make a positive difference in someone’s life is truly humbling. Since having seen my own symptoms fall away over a very short period of time I decided to study non medical approaches and disciplines and went on to become the key founder of Paradigm Therapy™. My intent is simply to help others pick up the pieces and heal the mental scars to find their own peace of mind”.

Bob Paxman, Founder and Chief Executive for Talking 2 Minds

For more information please contact the charity:
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You can call 0208 133 0217 or 079171226708 and speak to Bruce, Talking2Minds Course Coordinator.