Key indicators of work-place stressAbsenteeismLack of team coherenceInability to make decisions both as a team and individuallyPoor commitment and motivationResistance to change, even positive changeIneffective communicationPoor inter-staff relationshipsHigh staff turnover Why engage Talking 2 Minds?Talking 2 Minds’ highly trained therapists and facilitators give education and direct therapeutic intervention which not only enhances the well-being of employees but also reduces the cost burden of absenteeism, staff turnover and lost productivity. By addressing the individual’s root cause of stress we enable those suffering to regain their self-confidence and self-worth. In turn, not only will they be happier and healthier but be able to turn stressful situations into positive action in much the same way as successful athletes do. It will also will enable the absentee who was suffering with stress to be reabsorbed into the work place and enable a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of stress.By conducting work place education, Talking 2 Minds can improve stress resilience and identify and assist those that may be suffering from the onset of stress and address the underlying root cause with early therapeutic intervention.Members of our Elite Team include highly trained Paradigm Trainers™ and Corporate Coaches, supported by Forensic and Child Psychologists, Psychologists, Counselors, Guidance Advisers, Mental Health Promotion Trainers, Youth Workers, Volunteer Coordinators and seasoned Charity Volunteers.We can help you eradicate negative stress, transform your team’s effectiveneness and get your business to full potential.  Contact  to find out more information of what we to find out how you can book onto a change programmeYou can call 0208 133 0217 or 079171226708 and speak to Sharon, our Talking 2 Minds Training Course Coordinator.“Piecing together a productive future” Helping you address the stress Talking 2 Minds Ltd is a Training Arm of the National Charity Talking 2 Minds No. 1131142 and assists both Corporates and individuals with World Class bespoke courses that address the effects and causes of stress-related conditions, both within the work place and the home environment.Three out of every four employees would describe their work as stressful.The effects of stress, both physical and emotional, can not only be debilitating and alarming for the sufferer and their families but can also adversely affect workplace productivity, impacting hugely on annual profits.Workplace stress costs employers billions of pounds per year in absenteeism, reduced productivity, staff replacement and turnover costs. What is stress?Stress is a normal reaction which allows the body to set itself up ready to performance for a given task. It can be a productive factor for some, helping athletes, soldiers, office workers and managers to operate at peak performance levels but for others it can be debilitating, degrading and causes severe physical ailments – all of which can lead to spiralling self-esteem issues and wider social problems.The natural cycle of behavior is for an individual to experience stress for a short period of time in order to complete a challenging task and then for the body to return to a normal relaxed state. The problem occurs when the stress becomes overwhelming and the individual does not return to a relaxed state.Aside from the day to day work-place pressures, redundancies, changes in financial status, peer conflict, bullying and retirement have a massive effect on stress-levels.The work place can lead to complex social interactions and when stress has become endemic, good relationships turn antagonistic with rumours and power-plays amongst those vying for promotion or those simply trying to retain a job. This has a huge impact on individuals and the business as a whole.Occupational stress is not just confined to the work place. Conflicts at work invariably spill over into home life which then negatively effects family members and friends.A by-product of stress can be aggression. This can be passive in form, where individuals hide their anger, appearing rational, polite and understanding on the outside but furious on the inside or outward where it can lead to outbursts, bullying or even escalate to physical or verbal assault. The price of stressIt is well documented that physical stress can lead to heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders, ME and physical disabilities. Continued low level stress affects the immune system and leads to frequent colds and other illnesses.Around 60% of all workdays days taken sick each year are directly attributable to stress with around 80% of all GP and Health Care visits are due to stress related conditions.Psychological stress can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and exaggerated feelings of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt. All stress related conditions can result in psychological distress which severely affects employee commitment, team coherence, productivity and effectiveness. Employees suffering from stress are more likely to have workplace accidents or become less productive. Therefore it is in the employer’s interest to address the causes of stress early and within the workplace through early intervention. By addressing the underlying causes of stress, those who are currently absent through stress can return to the work place and others can be prevented from spiralling into illness in the first place.Imagine what it would be like to have 98% attendance and a work environment where everyone simply gets on with the job.Talking 2 Minds can help make that possible.