Please have a look at just a few of our case studies, videos and interviews to see how we have successfully helped people overcome PTSD  and severe stress related conditions with our unique programme.  All case studies are written in the delegates  own words.

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Thank you for fixing my broken life and saving me from myself. I felt screwed and now I have hope for the future. Still not sure how you did it but whatever it was it worked. 

Judy G

My husband and I went on a change programme together, and it has changed our lives in more ways than we could have believed. Before I met the talking2minds team, I felt like I was in a world of darkness, and didn’t know how to get out, I was desperately sad and lonely and had […]

Nick H

Life changing. A great experience. I don’t know what you did but it worked! A great team. Thank you


It is refreshing to find people who listen and hear what you are saying without judgement or ridicule and then helping you with the practicalities involved with changing the way you have been making yourself sick and keeping an unhealthy mind.  Reforming memories which haunt us so that they no longer cause damage by removing […]

Stuart G

I would like it to be known that I have experianced a definite shift in the way that I use my brain, thought process and general outlook. Complete, happy now when once I was sad and troubled.##I look forward now to personal development and helping others. Thank you all

Tony B

The course has made me realise that I have myself under more control than I ever knew and that my actions can affect my family and friends i.e now I got the drinking under control. I have got a lot out of the course even though it was a very short time it semed like […]

Matt S

Firstly I would like to say is please accept a big thank you! I have employed every aspect of this programme, “Change” , I believe that the skills I have learn’t I will now be able to deal with any problems which may arise. I never thought that I’d manage to deal with them myself.  […]

Kev H

Talking2minds has changed the way I feel about myself and it has helped me and shown me how to deal with what was a problem. I am thinking more positively and feel a 100% better. I am now looking forward to my future. Before the course I felt like I didn’t have a futuren. All […]

Ben D

T2M has shown me how to use my mind, given me the power to think of things without the negative feelings and no fear or worry of doing them. It has put the excitement back into my life. being a safe, simple environment and having everything done whilst I was there has been the massive […]

Ali B

I felt very safe with Clare and able to trust the unknown. She told me so much with so few words and I will carry that within. When I worked with Ellis I felt dread and fear because he is a man, no other reason. After being led to emotional safety I then felt able […]


Arriving with an openmind and no pre conceived research/ notions helped to absorb the “lessons” in their different approaches, because I welcome all experiances in my life, however WOW what a wa to deliver life changing therapy. whether it was the ” love yourself” or the “kick up the arse” we all need occasionally but in this […]

Vicky R

My anxiety has gone! I feel so well and actually alive again. Clare was brilliant to work with and i think because I have attended before with my friend we were able to get straight into it.

Simon P

I really got a lot from the course and moved away from my black days. All the practitioners were really good and made me feel like we were on the same planet, which was a first (no body judged!) The penny dropped after a chat with Ernie which made me feel like a big weight […]

Pearl C

I went there to support my husband while he received help with the change programme. Paula the practitioner offered to give me the same help as I have suffered while supporting him for the last 5 years. I am thankful as I can now see how it had all effected me. Thanks to Paula I now move […]

Stuart C

I felt that it was well worth my attending. I connected with my practitioner Adam immediately. I would recommend that sufferers should seriously consider doing this change course. When I arrived I had all the symptoms of PTSD. Four days later I feel like a totally different person. A new way of looking at how […]

Kevin Axelby

After 8 years of locking myself away behind closed doors not being able to remember anything from before my wife was taken ill and died. Having been diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety, I finally found Talking2minds. Just 4 days of treatment and I now am feeling  that I can face everyday things, and  getting back to […]


I came to the course feeling like I was dying inside. I felt like I had said good bye to my family and could not foresee returning home because of how bad I felt. Now I am looking forward to seeing my children again and am enthusiastic about my future and am looking forward to […]

Robert F, helping those across the pond

As a retired US Army senior NCO. As I lost my mind and finally hit rock bottom. I made the choice to try and get help. I went to my GP and the NHS. That was three years ago. All I recieved was 6 counseling session with a man that had no knowledege of PTSD […]


This is a note to say hello, and tell you how very grateful I am to talking 2 minds. I’ve purposely waited to email you as I was waiting for the inexplicable ‘it’ factor that I felt on day 4 of the programme to fade or somehow not work anymore once I returned to the […]


My name is Craig I served in the British Army for 10 years; I have toured Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I left the army a lance sergeant in May 2011 after being diagnosed with PTSD 10 months prior. I was involved in a few traumatic incidents in Iraq 2004 & 2006 were […]


Since being involved in a road traffic accident, six years ago, I have suffered numerous symptoms of PTSD. However the accident was just a catalyst for the suffering that I had experienced on and off since childhood. I had experienced episodes of melancholy to episodes of depression, unfortunately the accident brought about a sever long […]

Nigel H

For many years,  I have worked on the old service theory of work hard, play hard! In other words, I was drinking myself to death and destroying my marriage/family life.  Things did not improve when I was diagnosed as having PTSD from my service in HM Forces. About two years ago, I saw programme on […]

Darren Scott

Three years ago I was in a very traumatic accident while I was on an expedition in Greenland. I was lost in a snow storm, and spent three days on my own without food, shelter, warm clothing or anything. Luckily there was a Danish frigate in the area, and it was diverted to help in […]

John L

I left the army 21 years ago; I never served in a combat zone so I didn’t think my head was messed up I thought my issues where nothing really for years I had gone through cycles of anger that seemed to come from nowhere and I couldn’t explain. I self medicated with alcohol and […]

John Dale 5 Rifles

My name is John Dale I am 41 years of age, at the age of 19 I pledged my future to Queen and Country. It was the best thing I ever did, if I had to live my life again I wouldn’t change a single thing. I travelled the world, Germany, Belize, America, Several operational […]

Ben Close

I served for 6years in the 1st Btn Coldstream Guards Iserved in Iraq, Bosnia, Kenya and Afghanistan (Helmand Province) I was discharged from the army in August 09. It was meant to be a medical discharge on the grounds of P.T.S.D how ever the army kicked me out because of a fight i had in […]


Having had time to reflect on my experience of T2M, I would say that there are several key areas of ‘connective tissue’ that created such a beneficial and healing enviroment: COMPASSION – Despite my doubts, fears and cynicism I was almost immediately struck by the genuine, warm and non-judgemental approach of the trainers and facilitators. […]

Damien Thompson

A broken man entered, the young man I once was returned. T2M turned around ten years of self destruction and helped me to turn my life around. D. Thompson Operations Director Dale Group

Nigel H

For many years,  I have worked on the old service theory of work hard, play hard! In other words, I was drinking myself to death and destroying my marriage/family life.  Things did not improve when I was diagnosed as having PTSD from my service in HM Forces. About two years ago, I saw programme on […]


After I left the army, I had many of the symptoms of PTSD – depression, mood swings, an inability to sleep properly, and nightmares when I could get to sleep. Today, now that I have completed the PTSD course, it is like the curtain has been lifted on a new world. It’s made a massive […]

Daz D

To start off, not coming from an armed forces background I felt like somewhat of a fraud; ‘How could my petty problems or issues be anything compared to what these people who have been through warzones and seen combat have experienced’. It turns out I could not have been more wrong. For years I had […]


For years I have struggled with the label ‘victim’ following abuse and rape.  I searched for an answer for the shit I was carrying, ‘why me?’  I was in a cycle of self abuse, drink, drugs, food, self destructive behaviours …..if you know what I have been going through then you know what I mean.  […]

Larry P

I worked in a very high pressure environment for many years and then, moved from there, into a training establishment. Initially friends and work colleges commented that I wasnt the same person they once knew. I started to isolate myself, was unable to concentrate on simple tasks, my short-term memory was dreadful and I couldnt […]

Phil Hampton

“In the year 2008, on many occasions I was dragged into the medical centre, being told I had anger issues and that in my personal life I was taking undue risks in my personal life.  I was caught speeding on many occasions, being arrested in foreign countries for “base jumping” I decided enough was enough.  […]

Dave St Ives (BBC Radio Interview)

Dave survived a bus bombing in Northern Ireland. he suffered for over a decade with PTSD until he came to Talking2minds.

Stephen Intelligence

My mental health issues started in 1989 after a server injury that led me to have a major abdominal operation which left me with massive negative emotions. I spent time in Woolwich hospital mental health ward. I was told by my Medical Officer to pull myself together or I would be discharged from service. This […]

My partner ‘Big Tone’

My partner has suffered from PTSD for 15 years, I met him whilst suffering with this disorder.  I could always see a glimmer of who he really was underneath the horrible symptons of PTSD.  We had always said that we would get through it together, and although he was the one suffering the true symptons, it […]

“It’s Good to have my Dad Back!”

I was medically discharged in 2000 with “signs and symptoms of PTSD and in 2009, in 2003 Combat stress confirmed that I did indeed suffer from PTSD but were unable to help me, after countless therapies and treatments, all of which would leave me more traumatised I was referred to an NHS Trauma related therapy […]

Andy ‘Juggsy’ Wilson 264 SAS (Video)

I got no help from the army. So I turned to heroin. My problems first started whilst on a tour of Afghan I was shot in the head in a huge battle to take back a besieged town in the deep south of Helmand Province. Unaware at the time that this was the point that […]

Lee Cornwall (Video)

Lee has been in the armed forces for the past 20 years. Three years ago, after a couple of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he started losing his temper at home and at work; he also had a lot of nightmares and suffered form paranoia. He tried to get help from his GP, then from […]

Dean Lacey

14 March 2011 I joined the army at the age of 16, i served as a member of the recce platoon in the infantry and later specialised as a COP soldier in NI. During my time served i experienced many things which have now 10 years on had a major inpact in my life my […]

Andy Keavney (Video)

NEW BEGINNINGS ARE AFOOT I left the army in march 1992 soon after the 1st Gulf War. I was carrying baggage I knew then I couldn’t handle it by myself. I tried all kinds of things to get myself right,  Including my GP, combat stress and the various psychiatrists they put me in touch with. […]


I was kidnapped when I was 19 years old. The experience was very traumatic and I started to experience the symptoms of ptsd. The nhs were very unhelpful, a psychiatrist dismissed what I had said and sent me home from hospital the next two years I was an emotional wreak. I was dealing with the […]


Most people know me as “Davey”, a carefree, happy go lucky Infantry Soldier of 23 years.  For the last six years, I have known me as something completely different. I have been fighting with myself and inner anger over events that have troubled me and left me with a major sense of guilt.  As the […]

Wayne Shelton (United Nations)

I was informed about Talking2Minds by an old school mate who knew I had been through some difficult times. I got in touch and was surprised at how fast things progressed to get a place on the course. Arriving at the venue on the Tuesday morning was very daunting as it was a step into […]


I joined the Army in 1986 aged 16 years old, what an adventure and I was totally excited about what the military could offer me. I loved my job and quickly went up the ranks, but unknown to me every operation I went on inprinted negative emotions in my head which I carried for over […]

Carrie (Video)

I met my partner Jamie a few months after he had left the army, he served for 6 years in the artillary and did 3 tours of iraq. The first 6 months of our relationship were brilliant and then i noticed his behaviour and mood change gradually untill myself and his family realised there was […]

Sparky RAMC (Royal Army medical Corps)

I can only talk about my personal experiences of Talking 2 Minds. My background is probably like many others here is a summary of my story.. I joined the Army in the 1990s as a medic in the RAMC. I had a fantastic time in the Armed forces but was medically discharged in 2000 with […]


Well were do i start i have known Mark for 12 years and been married to him  for 11 not long after he left the Army he started going of the rails we were married about  year, he went to plenty of doctor`s but they all gave him the brush off. The amount of jobs he […]

Richard Jones

I am Mr Richard Jones still currently serving in the Army. I have served for currently 19 years and been all over the world within the Army. My personal circumstance for attending the Synergy change programme was that I lost my left leg below the knee from a gunshot wound sustained in Afghanistan in 2007. […]


My name is Tony (Big Tone) and I suffered with PTSD for 15 years. I got in touch with the charity ‘Talking2Minds’. I did a four day change program using loads of different therapies it was a great experience calm and relaxing and free from pressure and fantastic to meet up with fellow suffers and […]

Mark Allen (Radio)

I joined the army in 1988 and joined the 4/7 royal dragoon guards,in August 1990 Saddam Hussien invaded Kuwait,i asked to go and was sent as a Battle Causalty Replacement and joined the QRIH as a Challenger tank gunner. On the 24th of february the ground war started in which we saw action and finally […]

Jamie-Lee Hampson

Living With PTSD A Dairy Of, by Jamie-Lee Hampson (FACEBOOK PAGE) I am 14 Year old girl and am writing about my Dad but from my side ME, DAD, PTSD and life, living with it my hopes my fears, what I have seen and what I see and hear now. My aims: KEEPING FAMILYS TOGETHER […]

Matt Wadsworth (Video)

I was 17 years old when I joined the Royal Air Force, 17 years later my career was cut short. During my time as Aircrew operating on the Chinook Helicopter, I saw military operational tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. PTSD: an unspeakable situation. Story 2 – Matt Wadsworth from Florence Royer on Vimeo. […]

Chris Walmsley

I was 17 years old when I joined the Royal Engineers I served in the Gulf war 1990 -91, Bosnia 1993, Angola 1995, Bosnia 1996, Northern Ireland 1997, I served in 4 conflict zones 5 times by the time I was 25. PTSD is like acid it slowly eats away at the very fabric of […]

Pete Heasman (Radio)

I joined the Royal Engineers in 1984 and left in 1990. I had to leave because I thought I was going mad. I now know that 3 years in Northern Ireland had stuffed me up. My depression got worse to the point of trying to top myself. Things got very bad and resulted in my […]

Rich Emerson

I attended a Practitioners Course early 2010 as there were no spaces on a Talking2minds Change Course. It was 7 intensive days and it absolutely blew my mind. I am now in recovery from chronic PTSD due to this programme which is run by Talking2Minds. I am continuing to use the knowledge I learnt on […]

Sarah Chapman

My name is Sarah Chapman, I am a 37 year old mother to two girls. Not your likely case study to end up on here, but I went from being a fully functioning member of society with a career in neuro intensive care nursing, a marriage, successful campaigning history, to becoming a ghost barely existing, […]

Steve Pratt Ex 22 SAS (Video)

When I applied to leave 22 SAS Regiment in September 1981 the Commanding Officer sent me to see the doctor for a week to get a better picture of my reason for leaving. I had been working in the intelligence field in Northern Ireland and I suppose he wanted to get a better view of […]

Craig Spillings (Video and Radio)

I struggled for 27 years, with PTSD, the treatments out there delivered nothing and left me feeling even worse than I did before I went to see them, then I found Talking2minds, and spoke with Bob Paxman who immiedatley without wanting to know my personal history offered to help me, it suddenley felt like there […]

Dez Baskerville

If somebody told you that you could get rid of all your symptoms of PTSD in a week, after suffering for 15yrs and seeing countless councillors and psychiatric Practioners you would be very sceptical wouldn’t you, well I was very! Beginning of Oct 2009 it all came to a point again were I couldn’t cope […]

Graham Culton

My name is Graham Culton, I am a 34 yr old Veteran, whose life like thousands of many other veterans, has been turned upside down in the last 4 mths – since being diagnosed with PTSD. Since my medical discharge from a 10 year career in H.M.Forces – Army, namely 1st Bn The Queen’s Own […]

Jim Burford (Radio)

I guess my story isn’t that different to any other that you have read so far. I joined the army aged 16 and opted to join the parachute regiment. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the paras but always wanted that bit more. I served in various locations around the […]

Jools Bennet and Danny McEneany (Video)

Danny and I were invited to take part in the course by Bob who we met on the ITV show This Morning. ‘Bob kept in touch with us after the programme and informed me of the help that Danny could receive. ‘After a lot of persuasion Danny agreed to the treatment. I know only too […]


Talking2Minds is a miracle! I was so sceptical about the efficacy of this therapy after suffering the nightmare of PTSD for 17 years, with numerous suicide attempts, being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and constantly plagued by depression, nightmares and flashbacks. I have tried just about everything over the years in an attempt to […]

Paul D, December 2009

STAND BY YOUR BEDS! I WAS suffering with PTSD for at least ten (10) long years and was properly diagnosed by a trick-cyclist (psychiatrist) about five years ago! He had just come back from the ‘good old US of A’ after six years treating Vietnam Vets with the same (or similar) symtoms as me. At […]

JB (Anon)

I served for 17yrs in the British Army and spent almost 5yrs in Iraq working Private Security contracts. ‘I had noted small changes in myself for about 10yrs or so but always blocked them out, suppressed them. Then about 18 months ago things really started to spiral out of control, I was heading for rock […]

Phil X

To lose it all again or have I? How do we find the answer in our head, do we use how happy it makes us or how sad, is that right to think that way. Using our past but were we in the right frame of mind to begin with how long have I been […]

Craig Fisher

At the age of 17 (1993) I applied for the infantry and gained a placement in the Duke of Wellington Regiment (which is now know as the Yorkshire Regiment) in which I served 12 years leaving in 2005 as a Corporal. I loved being in the army had a good crack with the lads, friends […]

Judi and Danny Tucker

We have been married over 27yrs now, and this is my true story. I shall begin at the start. ‘I met Danny many years ago; he was newly out of the Army, but only by a few months. We started courting and all was running smoothly, nothing wrong with the relationship in any way or […]

Dave Rush

I joined the Police Force at 17 and served almost 20 years, attaining the rank of Detective Sergeant before being medically discharged in 2000, suffering from severe stress and depression directly linked to my service. My list of symptoms make it very likely that I was suffering with undiagnosed PTSD. As a front line officer […]

Mark Allen

I joined the army in 1988 and ended up as a tank crewman serving in Germany. In 1991 I saw active service in the 1st Gulf War then left the army in early 1992. Before active service I was happy go lucky you lad and when I left the army the trouble started. I became […]


Well all I can say sir, is you were true to your word, Danny has come back a changed man. To say when he went out with Talking2Minds to France on the course, he was on the verge of being suicidal, after all his years suffering PTSD. I would like to thank you and all […]

Neil Christie (Video)

In September 2006 I deployed to Helmand province Afghanistan serving as a Captain with 45 Commando Royal Marines. ‘During my operational tour I served amongst some very courageous and highly professional individuals who were committed to their roles in that country. ‘For me it was an honour and a privilege to be working alongside these […]

Warren John ‘Mo’ Morris

EX C/Sgt Royal Green Jackets After 18 years in the Army I finally lost all faith in the system. I Pre-Voluntary- Released (P-V-R) and went to join the fleeing army of private security members in Iraq to get away from everyone. It was when I was 15 I joined the Army I achieved the rank […]


Just a few words to say thank you to all concerned at Talking2Minds, especially those directly involved with my treatment. I am a 40 year old ex member of the Parachute regiment, Having served 8 years of a mostly stressful time in the unit for one reason or another, and a total of 2.5 years […]

Shaun ‘Scotty’ (Video)

Age: 35 yrs of age. Sex: Male Total Years of service: Ten years Regiment/Corps: Infantry Parachute Regiment Number of times in operational environments: Three Two year tours of Northern Ireland and 5 years security contractor Iraq.   History of presenting problem/s with symptoms: * 1989. Post Trauma. Flash backs, Rage, Nightmares, Lack of confidence, Insomnia. […]


My PTSD really kicked in in 2002. I spent 6 ish years in a fog swamped form of hell. I tryed to take my own life (more than once) spent time in hospital, was pushed from one doctor to another, spent some time on the streets, I drank to block out the flash backs and […]


The symptoms of PTSD crept up on me over a number of years, so I thought it was normal to have the nightmares and flash backs. I became very aggressive and had mega mood swings. I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes alone before the cinema screen came down for the next viewing of […]


I am married to someone who suffered from PTSD. It was a soul destroying experience, continually being shouted at out of the blue and being blamed for his aggression. I ended up doubting myself, believing that I really was at fault and this transferred into my ‘other’ life. The more his behaviour continued the less […]