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Talking2Minds is a small charity. Since our foundation in 2008 and despite severe financial restraints, we have helped over 700 hundred people put the pieces of their lives back together. To see some of their testimonials, click here.


Based on an initial pilot study of over 150 clients the external validation and ethics team have found in their clinical study:

  • 97% decrease in scores for Depression
  •  91% decrease in scores for Anxiety
  • 100% of those measure for Stress were now in the Normal category post-treatment, with no score higher than Moderate, a significant improvement for all candidates

Follow up enquires far in excess of 6 and 12 months post Change Programme show that candidates remain stable, and that there is a significant improvement in the quality of life of all candidates.

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Contact us to see if  the Paradigm Approach is for you:

info@talking2minds.co.uk  to find out more information of what we do

sharon@talking2minds.co.uk to find out how you can book onto a change programme

You can call 01512219402 or 07917126708 and speak to Bruce, Talking 2 Minds Course Coordinator directly.

info@paradigmtrainingsolutions.co.uk  to find out more information of what we do and how you can book onto a training program.

Enquiries: 01842 773355





Helping you pick up the pieces…


Founded by Bob Paxman (former 22 SAS) in 2008 Talking2Minds’ ethos was ‘Veterans helping Veterans’. That ethos remains to this day although, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other severe stress-related conditions such as Stress, Fear and Anxiety and Anger Issues affect all sectors of society, it has now become ‘Like helping Like’.

We offer FREE treatment for the following:


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