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Talking2Minds is a small charity. Since our foundation in 2008 and despite severe financial restraints, we have helped over 700 hundred people put the pieces of their lives back together. To see some of their testimonials, click here.


In line with both national and international calls for the ‘development of patient-centred care´ that allows patients to have a greater say in their choice of treatment, independent research is currently being undertaken by Julie T Davies of Edge Hill University and Dennis Carlon, freelance psychologist, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of Paradigm Therapy ™ on those individuals presenting with PTSD.

The latest statistics to date clearly demonstrate a marked reduction in symptoms associated with PTSD. From a randomised sample [n=150] of clients seen by Talking2Minds™, 96.5% fitted the criteria for PTSD. Following their treatment, 99.1% demonstrated that they did not fit the criteria [PCLC].

This can be broken down as follows:

DASS – a 36-item self-reporting measure to assess for depression, anxiety and stress

  % demonstrating sypmptoms pre treatment %   symptom-free post treatment
Depression 75.8 84.2
Anxiety 74.3 83.0
Stress 79.9 87.0


PCLC – a 17-item self-report measure that assesses the criteria of PTSD

  % pre treatment % post treatment
Intrusion 74.5 82.5
Avoidance 68.7 80.8
Hyper-arousal 71.8 79.8


Further research is on-going that will include a full, interpretive analysis after undertaking interviews with clients. An interim report is ongoing and will be followed by a full report in due course and an article is awaiting peer review with an established journal on counselling and psychotherapy.



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Founded by Bob Paxman (former 22 SAS) in 2008 Talking2Minds’ ethos was ‘Veterans helping Veterans’. That ethos remains to this day although, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other severe stress-related conditions such as Stress, Fear and Anxiety and Anger Issues affect all sectors of society, it has now become ‘Like helping Like’.

We operate a unique non medical approach that does not require the sufferer to revisit any traumatic memories as does “trauma focused therapies”.

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